Hand forged knife Hunting, 40th wedding anniversary gift for him, 9 year wedding anniversary gift for husband, outdoor gift for coworker

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This product is made by hand from beginning to end. We use only hand forged blades, with a high level of polishing. Engraving is done manually, without the use of CNC. The product is plated with silver and gold 24k. In the manufacture of products involved 8 masters. The list of works on the product is presented below. The Gold pocket knife "Duck Hunting" is presented in the Gallery of gifts as an example of object design, a souvenir with a collector's value. The surfaces of collectors knife and the details of the handle are hand-decorated with ornaments in the techniques of engraving on metal using gold. There are no questions about the quality of the Vintage pocket knife. Questions on design of the engraved pocket knife of this nature arise: why do so many of gold, and is not erased if the gold ornamentation? The fact that the gold is applied to the engraved needle and incisors ornament. Apply the gold, and not some kind of paint (gold alloy 999,9). So it is not erased. Custom pocket knife blade forged of high-alloy and stainless steel knife. The Knife handmade is sold in a wooden box with a beautiful lodgment. Each Collectors knife is an interior accessory, a sample of object design, suitable for cutting. The Engraved knives is a symbol of character and charisma of the owner, the owner of the interior. To buy a Custom knife means to acquire an object of power. In ancient times, knives were worn as men. so and women (on belts). The life guard had given him in childhood knife. Knives with worn blades were found in graves. This suggests that the knife has always been a sacred object, the subject of power - a talisman and amulets. Knife - a universal male gift. Symbol of charisma and power, achievements and status. Total length, mm: 205 Blade length, mm: 90 Material: brass Coating: gold, Nickel, black Packaging: wooden box, leather case Work: mechanical work brushing etching engraving blackening Nickel plating STEEL: Hardness: 50 HRC Brand: 40X10X2M (old. 4H10S2M EI107) Class: high-alloy heat-resistant Steel Milgrom, chromonemata steel martensitic class. EI–107 stainless steel (40H10S2M) - modification of steel 40H13 with small changes in composition. Chemical composition of steel, % C: 0,35-0,45 Si: 1,9-2,6 Mn: up to 0.8 Ni: up to 0.6 S: up to 0.025 P: to 0,03 Cr: 9,0-10,5 Mo: 0,7-0,9 Ti: up to 0.2 Cu: up to 0.3 Purpose: used in the manufacture of valves for automotive, tractor and diesel engines. It is used to make fasteners, grates for operation at temperatures of 650-850 degrees Celsius. Properties: Steel is hard to weld. Under the operating conditions, the valve steel should be resistant to oxidation, have sufficient hardness, providing good resistance to abrasion, be sufficiently viscous and do not give premature fatigue damage due to cyclic and shock operation of the valves.It has good heat resistance and heat resistance, has a good combination of hardness and viscosity. These properties also forced to pay attention to 40KH10S2M, as to a material for knife and blade products. Specific gravity: 7620 kg/m3 Material hardness: HB 10 -1 = 197 - 269 MPa For the consumer, the steel provides a stable sharpening of the blade with a slightly harder steel, hardness 54-56HRC Analogues: Germany 1.4731, X40CrSiMo10-2 Japan SUH3 France Z40CSD10 England 04, X40CrSiMo10-2 The EU X40CrSiMo10 Italy VM12D Spain F. 3221, X40CrSiMo10-02 China 1Cr18Mn8Ni5N, 4Cr10Si2Mo Bulgaria 4Ch10S2M, X40CrSiMo10-2 Hungary SZ4 Poland H10S2M South. Korea STR3 On the handle of the custom knife there is an engraved of a Duck Hunting. Methods of hunting: Of the blind (shelter). Shelters are different, depending on the type of terrain on which the hunt is carried out, on the big water, as a rule, a boat is used, it is driven into the reeds and there is masked. If there is no boats, then hunter makes shelter in cane and is worth there in fishing boots or a special suit (depends on depth dam). When hunting in the fields, dug a trench and covered with a camouflage net. The essence of hunting from the blind is in anticipation of the approaching birds in the distance shot, to podmanivaya used the stuffed monkey. Spring duck hunt with a decoy. For such a hunt be sure to have a good decoy, as a rule, her role is "domesticated" wild bird, only her voice is able to lure and not to frighten the duck in the spring. This kind of hunting is really like experienced hunters, they are not only important to take the trophy, but also to enjoy the spring awakening of nature, the approaching drakes and the work of their decoy. You only need to shoot at a sitting bird to completely eliminate the wounded. Under the license you have the right to get two drakes in one day. Hunting with the approach. Practiced only in the fall, in the spring without a decoy such hunting is not relevant. The beauty of this kind of hunting is that you do not sit still, and constantly moving, enjoying the new scenery. Take the duck from the approach is not easy, you need to sneak up carefully and downwind, as soon as you hear an alarmed quack, freeze for a few minutes, let the bird calm down. Be always on the alert, because it is not known exactly where the duck can fly. In our shop you can buy variants of gifts: - Hand forged knife Hunting - 40th wedding anniversary gift for him - 9 year wedding anniversary gift for husband - outdoor gift for coworker