Pocket knife Lynx, fathers day gift for father in law, 70th anniversary gift for coworker, personalized gift for boyfriend, handmade knife

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This product is made by hand from beginning to end. We use only hand forged blades, with a high level of polishing. Engraving is done manually, without the use of CNC. The product is plated with silver and gold 24k. In the manufacture of products involved 8 masters. The list of works on the product is presented below. Steel blade EI-107 Total length mm 195 Blade length, mm 80 Material brass Coating gold, Nickel, black Packaging wooden box, leather case Work mechanical work brushing etching engraving blackening Nickel plating In our shop you can buy variants of gifts: - Pocket knife Lynx, - fathers day gift for father in law - 70th anniversary gift for coworker - personalized gift for boyfriend - handmade knife